Exclusive Wooden Clocks

Do you often wonder what time is now? Or maybe you're often late because you can't find anything on the wall when you look at it? Then we offer you to buy exclusive design, handmade and high quality wooden watches, which will often make you look at them because of how nice they are. You’ll no longer be late for important appointments or pull up your phone every time to check the time.

The watches are cut and engraved using lasers to make them highly detailed and beautiful. The watches are also sturdy, durable and long-lasting because of high quality certified wood, which makes them exclusive and much more beautiful than the ones you see in store shelves every day.

We produce not only wall clocks, but also small and modern looking table clocks that you can place on a child's, kitchen or office table. It can also be a great, practical and memorable gift for a friend or colleague who is late everywhere.

You can find all our exclusive wall and table clocks by clicking HERE

If you have any doubts or have more questions, please feel free to contact us at the following contacts:

Email: info@promidesign.com