Unique Business Gifts

Looking for gifts for your business partner or colleague on an important occasion and want to leave a good impression ? Then Promi Design will help you!

We offer you to purchase our wooden trucks, which are designed by Promi Design designers and made in our workshop. We used solid and durable wood to make them. Every detail, from the semi-trailer to the steering wheel of the truck, was made and connected by hand, thus ensuring strength, durability, high quality and excellent appearance of the product. We promise that you will not have to worry about that gift can be broken. Also inside the semitrailer we left space so that if you wish you could put something extra.

We will make this gift even more memorable and unique. How? We will engrave your desired company name, logo, inscription or more on the tractor semi-trailer or other place you want – we will leave it to you to decide!

Promi Design has also developed a wide range of other gifts for business partners, colleagues and ordinary people. Our products are special and will stand out completely from those you see in the store. We produce our products only from high quality materials and they are all handmade, so even without taking them into your hands you will already see premium quality.

For truck orders and prices, please contact us by phone, via Facebook or email us.

If you have any questions, do not find something or need help, we kindly invite you to contact us using the following contacts:

Tel: +370 673 09003
Tel: +370 683 41282