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2 Cross Connectors

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2 Cross Connectors

The connector allows you to fix four panels simultaneously, creating a cross. This cross joint has four couplings to quickly create shelving and structures that require combining different panels. The connector can be tightened like a clamp thanks to two stainless steel screws that allows it to be used – even outdoors - with any type of boards with a uniform thickness between 15 and 19 mm (0.63 '~ 0.75' inches). These size ranges conform to the most common panels available on the market.


These cross connectors are used in combination with 90 ° connectors. They allow four panels to be fixed at the same time with an angle of 90 ° to each other. Simplify and speed up the construction of shelving.

A cross connector performs the function of three 90 ° connectors making the furniture lighter.

These panel brackets also have two stainless steel screws that allow their use - even outdoors - with a board thickness between 15 and 19 mm (0.63 '~ 0.75' inches).

Variable fixing

You can find several materials of thickness between 15 and 19 mm. Customize your own furniture.

Indoor & Outdoor

Our connectors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, they easily tolerate humidity and UV without loosing color.

Examples of use

The furnishings presented in these examples are made using cross-shaped connectors. The cross connectors can be the junction that connects multiple square or rectangular structures.

Thanks to the cross-shaped connectors it is possible to create furniture with modern and sophisticated shapes, by quickly collecting the panels.

Multiply your possibilities of use: these new clamps can be used to replace three 90° connectors that you can employ to create other furniture or shelves.

Ultra resistant

A special plastic reinforced with glass fibers to support a considerable load capacity.

Open source

We provide instructions, files and much more. A full support to your design activity.

Other information:

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