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Connectors Pack 90°

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Connectors Pack 90°

The most used connectors. They let you create a right angle between two panels. Each connector includes a stainless steel screw that allows it to be used outdoors, with all types of boards with a uniform thickness between 15 and 19 mm (0.63 '~ 0.75' inches). These dimensions range complies with the most common panels available on the market.

Variable fixing

You can find several materials of thickness between 15 and 19 mm. Customize your own furniture.

Indoor & Outdoor

Our connectors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, they easily tolerate humidity and UV without loosing color.


The 90° connectors used in pairs can create a T-junction to fix three panels and obtain a shelf. This type of fastening allows you to create complex and dynamic shapes that can be used for shelves and bookcases. The 90° connector is extremely resistant and a 40 cm width cube, supports up to 200 kg.

Ultra resistant

A special plastic reinforced with glass fibers to support a considerable load capacity.

Open source

We provide instructions, files and much more. A full support to your design activity.

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