Hook And Ring Toss Game
Hook And Ring Toss Game
Hook And Ring Toss Game

Hook And Ring Toss Game

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Hook and ring toss game

A unique party game for you and your friend. This game is very easy to play – last to put the ring on the hook must take a dare and drink a shot from a cup.

100% handmade, natural wood, and super sturdy toy that isn't harmful in any way for you and nature. The sturdy wooden body is ready to withstand the biggest parties both at home and in a cozy summer homestead and a seemingly space-consuming playful wooden toy easily breaks out in smaller peaces and fits in your backpack.

Proven around the world, the principle of operation, a device that brings the company of friends together for a fun evening and a seemingly innocent toy that promotes creative freedom is a great summer investment that will help you recover from quarantine.

Game rules:

1. Two players sit facing each other.

2. The adjacent glass tray must be in the middle (third hole).

3. Both players start the game at the same time.

4. The player pulls the ring of the metal body off the hook, launches it on a pendulum principle in order to hang the ring on the hook.

5. Upon successful achievement of the goal, the wooden glass is pushed towards the opponent into the further hole.

6. In the event of an opponent's success, the glass is pushed back towards the other player.

7. The player facing the glass must drink the contents of the glass when going outside the pits.

8. If one player loses, the process is repeated.

9. Points are calculated based on the number of glasses taken. The player who drinks less often wins.

Measurements :

Height 330 mm
Length 300 mm
Width 150 mm