Insect Hotel, Wooden insect House
Insect Hotel, Wooden insect House

Insect Hotel, Wooden insect House

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An insect hotel made of natural and recycled materials. It can be inhabited by bees, bumblebees, borers, woodpeckers, hikers, flowerers, and other beneficial insects. There are no useful and useless insects because they are all needed for an uninterrupted cycle of life.

It is better not to scratch or shake the house because insects will not like it at all. In a house made of natural materials, all the cracks will become a safe haven for insects. The cottage has cavities, holes, and materials of all sizes, so many more species of insects will settle there. Every insect loves a different environment: branches and twigs, wood or its chips, pine cones. Insect huts have several uses: as a suitable habitat for insect development or as a suitable place for wintering, as a shelter during the day or night. Only often are natural processes disrupted by human activities, leading to a steady decline in species. The well-being and future of humankind depend on abundant biodiversity, with insects accounting for as much as 90% of the world. all kinds of animals!

Insects will not settle in the house immediately, the number will increase gradually. If you keep this hotel outdoors, it can be home to a variety of mushrooms, lichens, mosses, algae, or mollusks, along with insects, helping to preserve biodiversity. If the contents of the cottage lie down or rot, some residents will leave it, but others will move out, so the composition of the hotel will change constantly. So when you build a nest or feeder for birds in the yard, don't forget to build a house for insects as well.


Insects, insect breeding, insect house, hotel for insects


FSC certified

Suitable for many species of insects

Made from recycled materials

Made of renewable materials

Made of easily recyclable materials


Wood, aluminum

250 g / 0.4 lb




EUROPE: 8-15 days
AUSTRALIA: 20-35 days

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Made and designed in Lithuania